Jan 30, 2014

10 Common Social Media Myths...Debunked! There are so many myths around social media marketing. Myths that are developed either to put you off or to ensure that you buy someones services to help.....Here are some of my answers to myths about social media Social media is FREE. No, it doesn't need to cost money however it does need you to invest in thinking about who you are, what you stand for and against etc And thinking is available to all of us. Social media is about tweeting about your lunch. No bad social media is about that, great social media entertains whilst others are eating their lunch! Social media is time wasting. No more than any other tool in business such as meetings, strategy sessions, brainstorming...if you don't plan why and what you are doing.....and set targets that can be measured. Social media is a nice to have. Well if you assume customers are nice to have's.....and you want to connect with said customers...then yes, you are right! Social media is about going viral. No, social media is about attracting the exact customer base you are looking for.....that may be 7, 7000, 70,000 or 7million! It is not about the absolute number, it is being absolutely clear who your customer is.... Social media is about computer geeks. No social media is about mobility and indeed more is accessed through mobile devices than a computer screen. Social media is new. Rubbish. Talking and getting to know customers and offering tailored content to them is old, it is only the delivery mechanism that has changed. Social media is a must. No absolutely NOT. If you can't see the strength in it, if you don't want to invest the thinking time...then don't do it. People see through faking it.....and your content will not be engaging. Social media is a fad. Love this one.....and only believed by people who think the web is a fad too.... Social media is about cats. Yes if you are a vet or a cattery but then I have never posted about a cat in my life and 70% of my business comes through social media! Now I am not saying that social media will not evolve, of course it will. The Facebooks of this world will come and go, however don't throw the baby out with the bath water......the concept of educated consumers who want to be listened to, want relevant content and who want to engage with brands that value them...well, they will be here forever no matter what delivery mechanism is popular.
Why Blogging Authority is Given NOT Created What is it about authority? When faced with it we can often feel stifled and therefore rebel. Yet so many people seek being seen as an "authority" on a subject. It makes me think there is a problem with the authority mindset. As much as brands want it.....consumers will rebel against it As much as leaders desire it, teams will be cynical towards it. As much as service providers dream about it, people will look to prove you wrong. I think the problem with looking for blogging and social media 'authority' in general, is that referring to being an 'authority on x', that phrase is usually finished by a generic topic ....such as management, social business, golf, writing etc But in truth you cannot determine your own authority. It is something that is given, something that is earned, something that comes about by being recognised for providing consistent, valuable content that not informs, entertains or engages..... That is why I love what Google is doing re guest blogging links, bought links, paid links......that is trying to purchase authority. That authority is fake and the true consumers who you seek as paid customers will see through that "authority" that you are trying to force on them..... Much better to have one target......to deliver to the customer so that they then share, they then review, they then recommend you. That is given authority that is built on content, built on a solid foundation for growth. I love this thought from James Althucher

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