Feb 22, 2014

Why Naming a Consumer Need Increases Profit It's a problem. We need to sort it. Everyone nods. People make a note. An action list is created and a further meeting date is put in the diary to discuss the problem in more depth. There is a problem - just not the one that everyone has written down! A problem remains a problem until it is identified, named and understood. I was reading about how 'date rape' didn't exist, it wasn't a problem that could be addressed until Gloria Steinem actually gave it the name - date rape. The words, the phrase allowed people to start talking about it and discussing how to address how to influence a better society. Now let's go back to the meeting about the problem. Problems need defining so that they can be fully understood and clear actions decided upon to solve it for the future. (Tweet this) This works for the consumer as well. To sell the solution, you need to define the problem and ensure your solution solves that problem. (Tweet this) It is for this reason that I love social marketing and companies that adopt a social mindset. Social marketing can help you define the problem. Social marketing can help you refine the solution and social marketing can help you connect the consumer to your solution. Social marketing is not about selling the solution as much as recognising the need. Social marketing is not about connections between people as much as connection of ideas and needs. (Tweet this) The next time you are in a meeting when it is decided a problem exists - don't create an action list, create the discussion on the definition of what the problem actually is!
What's the difference between marketing and sales? You have an awesome business idea. You dream of entrepreneurial success, you dream of the freedom to live the life you want to live and making that "dent in the world", famously quoted by Steve Jobs. Then the hard work starts. You need to market the idea, you need to sell it. People talk to you about the importance of social marketing in order to sell your idea. Hang on, marketing to sell? Isn't social marketing about not selling? You get confused about how to use social media, is it a sales tool or a marketing tool? To understand the difference between sales and marketing, I love to quote Jeff Goins Tweet this Jeff Goins quote Sales and marketing are co-dependent....without awareness the sale won't be made, and the sale allows the awareness to spread.(Tweet this) Sales and marketing are based on similar values, the art of connection. Sales connects a need to a solution, marketing connects ideas to an audience. (Tweet this) The problem comes when the two are confused. When a shortcut is taken and merged. When this happens the message brings out the wrong emotion, the reader wants to defy the message rather than engage WITH the message. Social tools can do both and therein lies the problem. Just because social media CAN do both, does NOT mean you should do both...TOGETHER. Be clear. Be transparent. Be focused. Use social to connect needs to solutions to make a sale. Use social to connect ideas to an audience for effective marketing.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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