Mar 25, 2014

A Social Method to help You Connect with Customers "Start a conversation" they say. "Start a conversation on the web and they will come....." You start the conversation and no one comes. What is wrong with you? Are you too boring that no one wants to engage with you? Your energy level drops and your creative mind dries retreat back from social media and declare "It's a fad and doesn't work for our brand". The problem is that when you think about starting a conversation, you forget one key thing: "The customer is already having a conversation in their mind; success depends on you connecting to the those thoughts" Social media is not the start of THE conversation; it's your request to join. (Tweet this) What do I mean? Well, when a customer has a need or a problem....a conversation has started in their mind of how to solve it. Your social media needs to act as a trigger...a value trigger showing the customer how you can add value to their own conversation. (Tweet this) So how can your social media create a trigger? By showing that you understand the problem or desire they are thinking about. By providing an opinion, a question, a review, information, insight, a solution. By adopting the conversational langauge of the customer's mind NOT our own corporate language. By understanding that triggers can be visual, audio based or through the written word. By speaking to the desires and/or problem NOT your solution. Social media is a trigger to a longer, more personal conversations.(Tweet this) If you see it as this kind of trigger then your social media becomes more focused, more emotive and from the customer perspective.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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