Mar 31, 2014

Why You Need A Date Night To "Be" Social Doing social media is tiring. Being social is tiring. Whenever you have to "be" something it is tiring; ask any child who doesn't want to go somewhere and "be" polite! Imagine if you didn't have to "be" anything...imagine if social media was just something that you do rather than something that you tick off a list. The joy.... Two lessons here... "Being" social is harder than living a social life. (Tweet this) Everyone can be social in the right social context; If it is hard you lack passion not time. (Tweet this) The result is that some people love social marketing. Why? Because they have found the perfect match.... What they like being social about, in the social context they enjoy are both in sync. They don't have to "be" anything.....they are social. If you are finding it draining, if you are finding it hard to think of ideas......if you are finding it hard being are not in sync. To be sync ask yourself - "Is it social media not working or is it a lack of real passion for talking about your subject" Sometimes we need to re-find our own passion. We are so busy doing our job that we forget why we love what we do....(Tweet this) Social marketing can be the trigger to rekindle your love for what you do....if you find "being social" time for a date night with your topic and remember why you change people's lives, how you can change people's lives and what value your can offer to the world....

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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