Mar 04, 2014

Showing Up - First Step in Social Engagement Showing up is half the battle. Showing up does not guarantee success, however one thing for sure.....NOT showing up is a guarantee of failure. Social marketing needs you to show up regularly, consistently, with humility and with a belief in what you are showing up for......(Tweet this) When I ask businesses what is holding them back, it is often waiting for sign off or waiting for a new appointment. It may be lack of time or once this new client is secured. It may be once head office has authorised plans or the PR storm over the price hike has died down. In essence, humans are fantastic at excuses. Excuses are hidden, wrapped up from the cold in 'reasons'...however the truth is that they excuses. "We want to get it right" "We want it to be perfect" "We are not sure what people might think" All excuses. The truth is that social marketing is never 100% right. It is never perfect and you will never know what people think until you do it for real! In fact I would go as far as to say.....great social marketing shouldn't be perfect, shouldn't always be right as this allows room for the customer to interact and start a conversation with you. (Tweet this) So what are you truly waiting for? Are you unclear about what your social marketing aims are...then define them. Are you unclear about who your customers are...then define them. Are you unclear about the best tools...then try them and see. Are you lacking belief in your brand or what it has to say.....? Then you MUST define it. Now. Right now. Stop all that you are doing. Grab a pen. Grab some people and thrash this out. Why? Because that is a bigger problem than social marketing.....that means you don't understand YOUR BUSINESS. Social marketing is a tool that you can use to share ideas, values, thoughts BUT it only works if you have ideas, values and thoughts. The word social is about expressing.......and if you don't show up you are leaving the field wide open for others to fill that void. It is only when you have shown up to the social stage that you can see how well your audience is connecting with your message.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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