Apr 15, 2014

Are You A Good Parent to Business Ideas? In Bob's Guide to Social Leadership Super Powers, there are 30 days of challenging business questions to help you grow your business. Why questions and not answers? Simply because there is no ONE answer for all business types. It is a fallacy to think there is.... The art of business is knowing which questions will lead your business to the answer that is right for you. Here is one chapter from the Guide which may help you think differently today. Are you a Good Parent to Business Ideas? I see leadership and management neglecting a creative business culture. Ideas are not just for Christmas they are for life! Too often business ideas are treated like a to-do list - we need ideas so let’s have a meeting, we need ideas so today we are going to brainstorm, etc. Ideas rarely just happen; they are rarely prompted through embedding a meeting culture. Business ideas flow from a dynamic mindset, which nurtures them from little germs of ideas, to growing and flourishing in the market. I like to think of ideas as almost childlike. Why? Well... 1. Having a constant flow of ideas which are ready to germinate, is a business lifestyle choice... just like you choose to become a parent, you choose to foster an idea culture... ok accidents happen but in the main you need to make a choice that you want to be creative and be a wonderful business parent to ideas. 2. When an idea is small it needs nurturing, it needs looking after - it needs feeding, protecting and growing into a commercial product or service. 3. When the idea starts to develop it can become troublesome - it may not fit the present business process, it may challenge previously held mindsets... that is an idea just finding its way to market. Allow it to challenge the status quo, allow it not to conform to your processes. You can always develop the process to fit the idea. 4. There are times when you just have to say NO! Yes, ideas need a chance to grow but at some stage you need to focus on ideas that will work commercially. 5. When an idea is set free at a product launch then the ‘brand parenting’ doesn’t stop there... it needs your support, it needs guidance, it needs to learn to adapt and get even better. Are you a good parent to business ideas? Or are your ideas like latch door kid?

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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