Apr 06, 2014

10 Ways to Find Your Social Media Voice You read each day that 'you must find your voice' but how do we find our voice for social media? It seems an obvious statement until....you attempt to say how....how do you find your voice? I mean you use it everyday. So why do you need to find your own voice...I mean your voice is your voice right? Let me talk to you about the first dozen shows of The Engaging Brand podcast. When my friends listened to them they all said "That isn't you! Why are you trying to sound like a BBC radio presenter?" This sentence hit home hard; hard because they were right. I come from the North of England and have a strong Northern accent that I was attempting to hide. I felt that to produce a global show then I needed to be someone who sounded like the a BBC presenter. Then something else happened.... Three listeners wrote separate emails saying that "they loved the British accent and that it was fabulous to listen to someone who sounded so grounded". They loved the thing that I was trying to hide - and clearly failing to hide! The thing that I was trying to be, was diluting my uniqueness; a uniqueness which was the reason some people subscribed to the show and yes, a reason that some people didn't....and that is the point! The business lesson for me was this... "Trying to be something you are NOT is hard work and remember uniqueness sells" (Tweet this) Finding your voice on social media is not about adding anything, it is not about learning anything.....finding your voice is about stripping YOUR expectations away. (Tweet this) To find your social media voice Strip away what you think people want and be what you want to be. Strip away the jargon and speak in your own voice. Strip away the sales benefits and imagine the customer saying 'what is in it for me'. Strip away the what you think Google needs and think what does the customer need. Strip away what you think people expect of you and be you. Strip away the need to be loved by everyone and focus on being loved by someone. (Tweet this) Strip away the desire to be professional and think about being human. (Tweet this) Strip away the need to sound intelligent and let your content demonstrate it. (Tweet this) Strip away the desire to go viral and embrace the desire to be kind, kindness is incredibly viral. Strip away everything you have read how to do it.....and just do it.....speak, write, be yourself...your learnings should shape not own your content.
How to Gain Attention for Your Content As the web continues to grow, gaining the attention of customers becomes harder and harder. Imagine if you NEVER had to worry about gaining attention anymore, imagine if attention just happened...and it came whilst you slept, whilst you were busy living life and you never had to worry about attention again.... Sound great? Well, the secret of gaining more attention is by not making attention your goal. Let me explain because this appears counterintuitive to all that I have blogged about before.... When you aim for attention the reader can feel that in your writing, in your videos, in your podcasts. Attention should not be your goal; just the outcome of great social marketing. (Tweet this) Social marketing at its best is customer centric; It puts the reader, the consumer at its core. When you produce content marketing based around the need of the customer, it attracts not just the eye but the heart of your customer. Attention is something that the customer gives you IF you earn it. (Tweet this) The problem comes when business believe they are so great, that they offer something so great that all they have to do is tell people about it....and they will give it attention. Wrong. Attention is a scarce resource; it needs to be mined from the customers mind. (Tweet this) Attention mining is like mining for gold. You need to put yourself in the right places. You need to filter your content for that tiny nugget that will shine so brightly it will attract the eye. You need to understand what is truly precious to your customer and create content to appeal to that precious need. When you focus on attention as the goal, you focus on the quantity rather than the quality of the attention. When you see attention as an outcome of great marketing you focus upon the content. So remember this little tip from Bob....

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