Apr 27, 2014

Get Rid of Marketing Misspend Once and For All Do you know how your customers make a decision to purchase what you offer? (Tweet this) More importantly, do you spend time thinking about it? For a high return on marketing investment we need to think about what the customers need to make the purchasing decision. The information will depend on the level of investment they are making; you research more for a house than a chocolate bar. The information will also depend on why the customer wants to purchase it; do they buy for need, for status, for enjoyment? Once we know how our customer approaches their purchase, we can think about creating content that guides them to the decision. (Tweet this) From this base, we can then choose the right social media tools; we can write and distribute the best content marketing and connect our marketing activity to the needs of the consumer. The questions we need to ask ourselves are 1) How do people approach purchasing from our business sector? More research, more recommedations, more word of mouth, more impulsive etc etc 2) How can we develop a marketing strategy that reflects that approach and guide consumers through that purchasing cycle? And finally.... 3) How can we show them we are the right people to use? (Trial, no quibble returns, taster etc etc) 4) How can we move them from research to purchase? Do we offer a compelling call to action? We tend to think that people have A need - Google it - and buy...and for some distress purchases that may be the case! But in reality, for many of our businesses there is a longer purchasing cycle whether we recognise it or not..... So if I were to ask you how much time have you given to how your customers decide upon their purchase and how much time has been invested in choosing the right tools and creating the correct content.... ...what would you say?

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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