Apr 28, 2014

How Conflict Can Create Profitable Sales Do you hate conflict as much as I do? Conflict is uncomfortable, conflict is stressful and drains your energy. So why on earth would you want to seek out conflict? What if you could find a way of making money from conflict...what if you could improve your thinking through conflict? One definition of conflict is "an incompatibility between two or more opinions, principles, or interests" therein lies the business opportunity. Value lies within two things that appear incompatible. (Tweet this) In consumer products, value has been created through listening to music whilst walking (Sony Walkman), eating out without going out (takeaways), kitchen utensils as art objects (Alessi). All conflicts resolved. In services value has been created through degree classes without attending a university (e-learning), retailing without a store (e-commerce), using a car without owning a car (Zipcar). All conflicts resolved. Now I know what you are thinking that is fine for those companies but how can this help my business? Think about the feedback from your customers.....Do they ever wish for something? Do they ever say, if only I could have x and y? Do they ask you for something that you don't offer? That is a conflict and in conflict lies value. On this weeks Engaging Brand podcast Henry Evans and Colm Foster also spoke about how conflict is great for teams. Yes, you need emotional intelligence to learn how to make the best use of conflict but used correctly...conflict is great for leadership, conflict is great for teams and even better....conflict is great for sales and your profit margin. So the question is.....how can you create value from the conflict felt by your customers? For more questions to grow your business check out The Engaging Store!

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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