Apr 18, 2014

Why you should stop DOING social media Social is everywhere. From your fitness gear, to interactive shopping, from in car gadgets to gaming....and everything in between. Social is no longer a 'thing', a 'tool'...it is embedded into life. It is no longer an add-on, no longer something you use...it is the way that we live. Social is not a topic to learn but a mindset to live by....(Tweet this) When I was 12 I had to move schools; I hated my new school. I felt a total misfit. I felt isolated and I didn't want to go to school. At my previous school, I had loved it. I had loads of friends, member of sports teams and was always laughing.... I was miserable. Then Dad took me aside and said "It isn't the school. It isn't the students. You are still you. It is your mindset, you won't be happy until you let go of the other school. You won't be happy until you embrace the new school" He was right. It wasn't the new school that was not social, it was me. My mindset had changed because what had felt so natural, now felt forced. Socialising was something I was trying to do, rather than just being me and living a social life. Once I realised that...I fell in love with my new school and yes, loved it more than the previous one as it had so much more to offer in terms of sports and academic subjects. It is a similar situation when it comes to business today. Business are trying to force social into their business rather than embedding social into their culture. When they do that...they are miserable too! When you embed social into the culture, the business lives social rather than does social. (Tweet this) When you embed social into the culture, the business owns social through each and everyone who works there, rather than seeing it as a function. Consumers have already embedded social into their life. They don't think about 'doing social', they just live with social tools, to make their life as easy as possible. When we are thinking about our social in a business context, we need to adopt a similar mindset. If we need see it as an add-on to what we have traditionally done, then it won't work. We need to see it like the customer sees it, embedded in all that we do....then it will naturally engage the customer. It won't feel forced, it won't feel uncomfortable...it is just how our brand lives in the marketplace. To live social you need... The right people who believe in the uncompromising vision, passionately sharing it with others. That doesn't mean that you need all right brained or enthusiastic talkers or born optimists. Some of the most passionate people I know are academic researchers who share through their words or one of my former colleagues who spoke quietly and infrequently...but when she did everyone listened intently. Now that social is embedded in all that we do, we need...

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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