Apr 25, 2014

The Trick to Relationship Super Powers How great is the web? Yes, it can overwhelm us. Yes, it can be frustrating at times. Yes, it can be a great time waster IF you don't develop strong focus and a degree of self control BUT just think of what it brings into your life..... Simple, easy connection with the world; a world full of products, people and places. Simplicity and ease of use have one main drawback, they can make us lazy. You see... when hyperconnectivity is at our fingertips, we need to remember it needs hypersensitivity to work for us in the business world. Not the hypersensitivity of emotional ups and downs but hypersensitivity to "how we make people feel". Who do we forget in our personal lives? Who do we get angry with when we can't get angry with our boss or our customers? Who do we promise never to take for granted, only to fall into the trap over the medium term? Yes, our family and close friends - the people who forgive our human failings. The people who love us despite ourselves! But the web is not so forgiving..... On the web our business connections can become like our family. It is so easy to sell rather than value, so easy to connect rather than develop a relationship. We can take those connections for granted. We promise with our mission statements. We promise with our words and then our actions over time destroy that promise. We send general invites, we send spammy emails, we collect rather connection people. When something is easy, you need to recognise the problem; the problem that easy can lead to a disregard for the deep thinking required. We need to be sensitive on a grand scale. We need to be human. We need to think of others before ourselves. We need to be emotionally intelligent to connections, to feedback and to how our words, video and audio express our personality. The question is.... do we all think deeply enough about the 'how' of benefiting from hyperconnectivity? The question is... do we all think deeply about how we build value into those connections, to move them from connections to relationships? The question is... do we all think deeply about how hard hyperconnectivity truly is......it demands more of you, it demands more of your brand. It needs a time investment. And what is more...that is good news! It is good news because differentiation is key to sales and marketing....and by investing in a little thought of how we connect....then the return on this type of interest can be exponential! Want more challenges to your thinking...here are 30 days of questions that will get you thinking about your hyper-sensitivity!

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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