May 11, 2014

The Unknown Secret to Social Marketing...That Works You have a great product. You have a great service. You build a website and yet.....success doesn't flow...why? I mean the offer is irresistable isn't it? You then realise that people don't know that the offer is there...once they do...they will buy. So you starting 'telling' people about your irresistable offer. Still they don't come. You start asking whether the web, whether social marketing is truly the answer to your business prayers. You become disillusioned. At this point you need to sit in a quiet room, grab a piece of paper and write down "Social marketing is about making your content so irresistable, that people want to know more about what you offer" Unless you want to sell a commodity where price is the deciding factor, an irresistable offer won't work. The social element is adding that irresistability to everything that you do; it is about creating reasons why people want to talk to you, want to know more, want to find out more. Think about your friends. Have you one or two friends you just love being in their company? They are offering the same thing as all your other friends...companionship and friendship....but it is the way they show it that makes them irresistable. Now write down what is it that makes them stand out....just write down adjectives to describe them. Compare those adjectives to your social content. Do they match? Irresistability creates profit. It is the difference between the pure cost of the product and the benefit to the customer. Your role is to add that irresistabilty, your role in business is to add that premium value. Social marketing is merely the demonstration of that value. It is you displaying that premium understanding. It is about YOU being that best friend to consumers. The question for today is "Do people see your brand as their best friend or a friend who only rings when they need something?"
Why you should 'let go' and enjoy your work again You feel that you have a lot to lose. You could lose your job, lose your company or lose your reputation. And when you feel that you have a lot to lose then you can become a perfectionist, you can take the safe option. I have felt this and if you haven't then...I suspect you will at some time in your life! Lenny Kravitz gave a masterclass this weekend on the Oprah Channel and he was discussing his perfectionist tendency. He related a conversation that he had with Robert Plant who gave him some home truths.....Robert Plant said he needed to let go, Kravitz was allowing his desire to deliver the best possible concert was taking the enjoyment out of the performance. He needed to 'let go' and enjoy himself. This piece of advice changed him and I hope it changes YOU too. Enjoyment is infectious. Enjoyment is engaging. People buy enjoyment or buy from people who enjoy their work. But let me ask you.....How often do you 'let go' in your business life? How often is your business stifled by rules, procedures, systems......(Tweet this) How often do you stop yourself because you are frightened about what people will think? Now clearly there are times when systems and rules are valuable BUT they should be there as a check not a barrier to you or your team. Social marketing, and even the wider social business age in which we live, needs you to enjoy your life, your business and your customers. Social needs you to 'let go' of hiding behind a brand and start 'being' the brand. (Tweet this) Business is hard. It has to be hard. We are asking customers to give us their hard earned cash. But we must never mistake the idea of business being hard, meaning that we shouldn't enjoy our business life. When we enjoy business, we give ourselves a greater chance of being successful. (Tweet this) So this week look at what is stopping you from enjoying your work. Look at what is stopping others around you, from not enjoying their work. And make a Kravtiz promise.....'let go' of worries, trust yourself and the people around you to be professional AND full of personality.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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