May 04, 2014

Do You Eat, Pray and Love Your Work? You make the break, you start your new business or a new role. You start your very first day with such hope and enthusiasm. Then... gets hard... because you have to turn ideas in action and invariably budgets are tight. Ideas are easy; putting them into action well, that is tough! Slowly over time, that initial enthusiasm turns into dismay, frustration or maybe even doubt....You start to wonder have you made the wrong move? What do you do? How do you find that desire to blast through the barriers and succeed? In this Ted Talk video there is a wonderful message for anyone in business. It is a talk from Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame and it resonated with what I truly believe ...that you have to find your truth, stick with it and let it take you home! When I launched The Engaging Brand I struggled until I realised that my business needed to be my passion...not what I thought I should do, not what people asked me to do, not what paid the bills. I had to find what Elizabeth Gilbert calls in this talk... 'home' and for me that was quite a long journey after years in the corporate world. I had to strip away the corporate skin and find what truly makes me happy. I had to find a way to express myself in a way that made others happy AND most importantly me happy. Nowadays I speak, I write, I mentor people who I believe I can help, who I believe I can make smile. I work with people who don't want the suited professional who speaks jargon, I bounce on stage....I express my ideas through little Bob cartoons, I am writing simple life and business guides. I write like I speak, I speak how I write. I mentor like I am and I live by what I mentor. Some people will love it. Some people will hate it. That's OK. That is life. I have got over myself, my worries and my desire to be liked by everyone. I would rather make a small group of people smile with my enthusiasm, honesty and observations....than try and make money by appealing to all. It was a hard lesson but it was a great lesson. For the last few years I have connected with so many great people. I have made people smile because of who I am NOT. Now here is the weird thing...over that period my business has flourised more than ever... which goes to show "Being something to someone is better than being nothing to everyone" Watch and think... What is your home?
How to Use Worries to Grow Your Business Do you worry or have friends that constantly worry? When I coach businesses, often it's about managing worries. Worries need to be broken down into two parts Worries about risk which are legitimate but manageable. These type of worries are good..they test your belief in what you are doing, they test your thinking and make sure that you make the right decisions; but you do need to make that decision! Worries about failure. This is felt by everyone. I don't care who you are, at some point you will have a lack of confidence...and that is good. Having a lack of confidence means that you don't think you are magical, that you are should ensure that you keep learning. It should be used to listen....but here is the trick, you listen to the customer not that hidden competitor that loves to hide in your mind. Failure is necesary. Just read any autobiography and it will contain wonderful anecdotes of failures before that final 'overnight success'. I don't seem the point of worrying. I have never been a worrier because Dad always said "What is the point of worrying? If you can do something, do it...and if you can't... then why worry about something that you can't change!" In business you need to learn how to manage worry. Worries won't go away, but they need you to manage them. If they are left to grow then they eventually invade your body and render you powerless. If you use them to test your belief, test your management of risk....then worries turn from being your hidden competitor to helping you become more competitive. Today's question you allow worry to stop you from growing or do you allow worry to fuel a stronger growth? P.S Don't forget to listen to Melonie Dodaro on how to make the most out of LinkedIn to remove even more worries!

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