May 02, 2014

Here's An Easy Way To Become A Better Leader Are you someone who can get bogged down 'doing' rather than thinking about what you should be doing! What if there was a secret to growing your business rather than growing your busy-ness? Well, this week I was listening to an interview with Evelyn Glennie the inspirational solo percussist who lost her hearing as a child. She said something that I believe all business leaders could learn from...she said in response to whether her hearing aid affects her music "I take it out" Now just think about that....of all the people you would imagine hearing would be important to, it would be a musician, wouldn't you? She continued... "I take it out as I don't want to hear the music, I want to feel the music" Isn't that powerful? We all consume information, watch videos, create action lists...but what if we tried ''feeling our business". Now I know that sounds all dreamy but it is not meant in that way....I just believe that If we can't feel what our customers want If we can't feel what our teams need If we can't feel what is right If we can't feel what needs to be done Then are we truly close enough to our business? No training course can give you specifically what YOU need, leaders need to learn the questions they need to ask and learn how to relate it to their business. Relating needs feeling, both in personal and business relationships. You see I think we fall into doing jobs, things, actions....instead of taking out our 'hearing aids' such as meetings, reports, courses. To really, truly, deeply feel the business, feel the marketplace that has to come from within... Until we feel what our business stands for, feel the sense of direction and feel we are part of the business...then we are in danger of doing things in our role rather than thinking about what we should be doing. The question is..... Can you spare 15 minutes this week to think about how you feel about the business, how the market feels about you....and what you feel you needs to happen to the connect the two? For more probing questions to help you grow your business try our little e-book of Super Powers! Supplied at
Show 484 - How To Get The Most From LinkedIn The Engaging Brand podcast covers social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips. Anna Farmery speaks with Melonie Dodaro of Top Dog Social Media, Canada's No.1 LinkedIn expert to find out more about the power of LinkedIn. Many of us use it...but do we really get the most from it? The statistics that suggest that we should take a new look at LinkedIn. Who is LinkedIn for and why it is growing as a source of referrals. What is LinkedIn? A social platform, a social networking site or a digital rolodex? What makes a great LinkedIn profile for business referrals? How to optimise a LinkedIn profile without sounding 'spammy'. The confusion between the LinkedIn profile and the LinkedIn business page. The etiquette of Linkedin. How to make your LinkedIn profile client focused. How to build your credibility on LinkedIn. Does LinkedIn work better for one sector? The power of search that LinkedIn offers you. The future of LinkedIn as a social media platform Apologies about Listener of the Week - I beg for your apologies as I didn't get chance to pick up all the alerts for the show...but the shares will roll forward to next week I promise! For your chance to win next week just share this post! (Tweet this) Remember as a listener you can download 30 Lessons on Social Leadership Powers - the new ebook for just 99p using the discount code ilovebob. 1) You can listen now If you use a different podcatcher then you can subscribe using the following RSS Feed or visit iTunes.

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