Jun 15, 2014

How The Best Leaders Deal with Stress With all that you have to do, it is easy to move from smiling broadly to merely keeping your head above water. The web is wonderful but it can act as fuel to feeling stressed out or not achieving what you want to do during the day. You read the books, you listen to podcasts and KNOW, really KNOW what you should be doing BUT that focus is wiped out each day by the mounting action lists. I know. I understand. I have been there. It feels awful doesn't it? Business stress comes from two main sources A lack of something! A lot of something! Stress thrives on the 'lacks' and the 'lots' of this world. A lack of time, money, focus, desire, momentum, control etc A lot of goals, decisions to make, pride, need to be liked, responsibility, targets etc Here is the thing though, stress whithers away when you move your focus from the why is it that...to the why can't we do. Let's take a lack of finance. If you have a restricted budget that does not mean you can't do anything, it means you can do something. Even if there is a budget of nil, there are still free things that you CAN do. Let's take too many goals. Take each one and say why, what is the purpose....you will find that when you take them up a level you can group them. Now working on one thing, delivers progress across two of your goals. There is no difference between a successful and mediocre business leader - they both live in a world of overexpectation and underfunding. The ONLY difference? They don't let the lack of or the abundance of....define what they do today, what they do in this moment. What they focus on is - what can be done, how you can achieve more with less, which imperfect choice is the best choice for their business. They don't believe in good or bad luck. They don't ponder on the what if's. They don't wish for something that isn't possible. They don't blame outside forces. No. The world is what it is. You always want more of something. You always want less of something. That's life. That's business. They make the best of what the circumstances are now, today, this very second. They make it happen, knowing that if it works they will eventually be able to invest more. They make it happen knowing an abundance of issues will not disappear without action. If you can' do everything, do something. If you haven't got everything, make the most of something. If there are a million reasons preventing you, don't blame - refine the key aim.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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